We always keep in mind "CRI" whenever we think about design,
create, provide a high- quality lighting,
in which we make a contribution to society.

new lighting with creat ivity
trustworthy lighting from clients
touch people’s heart
  • CREATIVE new lighting with creat ivity
  • RELIABLE trustworthy lighting from clients
  • IMPRESSIVE touch people's heart

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index(CRI) is a unit which is indicated color repeatability under the light. Sun light is 100 as maximum value, and the higher value, the more accurate light can be repeated.


About our Company

Sirius Lighting Office is an international architectural lighting design / lighting consultancy firm established in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. In 2011, Sirius opened office in Hong Kong by the company growth as well as a big demand from clients.

Sirius is the one who recognized to engage in projects such as Tokyo Sky Tree® and ICC where became landmark in the major cities. Our multinational design team are working on various types of projects across Asia Pacific, starting from Tokyo, Hong Kong to Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and now expanded to Middle East countries.

Our basic idea is to present the architectural form and spaces naturally with sophisticated lighting, not with excessive lighting. But it does not mean to be conservative.

We never forget to keep challenging the new representation method based on the existing values. Our unique concept ideas are presented by using short movie and CG simulation, so that non-professional people can also fully understand our design.

We try not to stick to a particular style, rather, we try to be flexible to interpret the request of clients, and design with the hope to produce a new value that even makes our own surprised. We are serving many various clients include big name of developers, top design offices, well-known architects and individuals. Our scope of work is also diverse to all kinds of lighting design except theatre and studio lighting.

We always think something different, something new and try to create the beauty of architectural design by lighting with analysis of its country, atmosphere and cultures.

For the lighting design, we believe the smallest unit of light is a star. Every lights are made of countless stars, and their forms create protean looks. That’s why we would like to lay lights on top of one another with respect to create a space. We believe that we would be able to make people happy only in doing so.

Sirius, our firm’s name, is the name of the brightest star visible in the night sky. In the field of lighting design, we would like to be the brightest like Sirius.