NTT West Training Institute Main Building(PRISM)

NTT 西日本研修センタ 本館 (PRISM)


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NTT ファシリティーズ

2014 Osaka, Japan

2014 グッドデザイン賞
2014 Good Design Award




A lighting project for a facility used as a training hub of the NTT West group.
On the training room floor, the client requested an energy saving solution as they place a high value on functionality and economic efficiency. A down lighting solution was proposed for the interior of the training rooms to create a clean impression of the ceiling in the hallway. Th e challenge we faced was making the light softly illuminate the curtains when drawn and light up the hallway when they are open. When the training room is in use, downlights by the glass wall are turned off and the lights inside the room double as hallway light. Th is solution will enhance not only energy saving but also the sense of unity and openness between the training room and the hallway area. In the communication lounge, large and small downlights were installed randomly on the ceiling to produce a sense of playfulness and a space where users can take a rest.


此為 NTT 西日本集團研修據點設施的照明專案。在重視功能性及經濟性而追求省能源化的研修室樓層,為了使天花盡可能地表現出整潔的形象,我們於研修室的?部配置了嵌燈。嵌燈的燈光能?柔和地照亮窗簾,並挑戰在窗簾打開時確保通道的亮度。當有人使用研修室時玻璃牆邊的嵌燈會關燈,並以室外的照明兼顧通道的亮度。此設計不但省能源,而且能?增強作為建築特?的研修室與通道空間的一體感。